Sunday, May 19, 2013

7 Weeks Out!

Hello Family!
It's been quite the interesting past few days.  Some ups and downs, but still doing good!
I'm a little sad to say that Feanna's baptism didn't happen yesterday.  There was a small bump in her interview.  Nothing to worry about, she's not even worried.  So the baptism will just be a little postponed is all!
We had to take our car in to get fixed today.  Before I got out into the field, the past Elders had gotten into a wreck and the whole passenger side door was busted and everything.  The insurances were debating it out and actually resolved it a month ago, but the mission just got the news about it.  So this week Elder Bartlett and I are on bikes.  It should be an interesting time.  We rode our bikes to the library today and I about died.  I didn't realize how out of shape I am.  Haha, but it will should be an interesting week.
 We had exchanges this past weekend with our District Leader.  I love Elder Sutherland.  Me and him stayed in Pittsfield and Elder Bartlett went with Elder Boren to Greenfield.  Elder Sutherland helped me a lot with things on my mind.  So it was a great weekend to say the least!  We got a lot of work done and Elder Sutherland was very impressed at how organized I was for it being my first exchange all by myself in my own area where he didn't know anything. 
I love you all so much, send me a postcard from Hawaii if you remember.  Enjoy the family time because there are so many who don't have this wonderful chance to share with others.  I know you are all doing well and I am proud of each of you.  Keep the faith and remember that Through Christ We Can. 
Hope you guys have fun these upcoming weeks!
Elder Austin Kimbell

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