Sunday, May 19, 2013

6 weeks down!

So glad to hear you are all doing great!   This week is transfer week and so with the transfer meeting tomorrow, they make P-Day on Wednesday to give missionaries time to back right before they go to the meeting.  Me and Elder Bartlett are staying in Pittsfield together so I'm pretty happy about that.  Next transfer though should be interesting.  Elder Bartlett will most likely go somewhere else and I will train.  That should be a fun story to tell when it comes.  But the work is great and I couldn't be doing any better!

Feanna, our investigator, is getting baptized this upcoming Sunday, the 28th after church.  She asked a member to baptize her and she said she was going to have either me or Elder Bartlett confirm her.  She hadn't decided at the time, but I don't care either way.  Just seeing her come into this church and be baptized is the greatest thing!  She has come so far and it is finally time that she does this.  I will send pictures of us at the baptism next week.    

The work out here is great!  It's been a little frustrating this past weekend.  We were in our apartment on Saturday when our carbon monoxide alarm went off.  We went outside and in the end had to drive an hour that night to the Greenfield Elders apartment and spent the night.  We woke up early and drove back to Pittsfield so we could be at church.  Tried to call the fire department to come check it out but they weren't in on a Sunday (which is shocking out here because everything is open on sunday).  So we again that night had to drive to Greenfield and spend the night.  We went back Monday and our landlord was back in town and he checked it out.  Turns out our alarm is broken and it was a false alarm the entire time.  So we spent so many miles driving for a false alarm.  It was ridiculous!  But oh well, it was good to finally sleep on a bed that night rather than on some couch cushions on the floor.

Elder Austin Kimbell

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