Sunday, April 7, 2013

Second Week in Mission Field

Like I've mentioned in a few letters, my job in this area is really helping the less active members to come back to church.  We had our first real church meetings yesterday since the week before was stake conference.  Our ward is basically as big as one of the side benches and half of the other side of benches back home.  It's really small.  The Bishop kinda surprised me and made me give the opening prayer in sacrament.  So I can now say that I've given a prayer in sacrament meeting.  I'm sure after Easter and Conference that I'll have to talk in sacrament, but I'll be ready then!  Me and Elder Bartlett also had to teach the gospel principle class on scriptures.  It went very well and I even had a Heaven inspired thought come to me that I want to share.  Why do you think they put Joseph Smith's History in the scriptures that we give to everyone and for everyone to read, rather then in it's own book and sell separately?  The answer is that Joseph Smith is the Prophet of this last dispensation and by thus being so, everyone can read about how this gospel is still on this earth this day and hasn't been taken off, as it has been shown in the Bible and such.  Hope that makes sense.  It made sense when I said and thought it was a very good point!

The members out here are so loving!  I even made a little friend on Saturday!  His name is Dante and he's 5 years old.  He acts just like me when I was a kid and we just connected.  We had gone to their house to do some service and then have dinner with them.  He just hung out with us as we worked and we played together.  He just made me so happy and gave me strength to keep staying out here!  I sadly don't have a picture of him yet, but I will and I will send it to ya when I can.  Plus his sister, Fiona, looks and act just like Carly did when she was little!  It threw me for a loop!  But it was a nice little connection!  The other members are very kind as I've mentioned.  All last week we got fed dinner everynight, we pretty much do this week too except I think Thursday, but it's still all great food, though I haven't had fish or clam chowder yet.  ;)  I've done lots of service too from feeding the homeless, to chopping wood, to pick up a horse pen of their... droppings.  Haha, it's all been great stuff and fun memories.

I laugh now about Utah weather.  Dad mentioned how you guys had 6" of snow sometime ago.  Well here in Massachusetts, the snow will stop then go then stop then go then finally stop.  All of it sticks and its HUGE snowflakes!  I'm pretty sure after our first storm here we had like 3 feet of snow.  Last Tuesday it was snowing so bad we actually had to stay in our apartment because the roads were bad.  The next morning there was like 5 feet of snow.  So we have lots of snow, but it's oddly not that cold outside in all honest.  Definitely warmer than what Utah was, plus it's a lot fresher air out here!  No pollution plus lots of trees!  Pretty great out here!  I love it and can't wait to come back sometime after my mission and show you guys all the great stuff out here!

I want you all to know that I'm really happy out here and couldn't have asked for a better place to serve.  I'm pretty sure if I had to learn a different language, I would have died by now.  Such a blessing to be able to speak English here.  I know that Christ looks out for all of us and I know that He is watching over you as I pray for you and then I don't have to worry about you guys.  So don't worry about me either, focus on what you need to back home and just put me on the back burner. ;)  TCIC (Through Christ I Can)  That's kinda a motto me and my friend, Sister Daniel, send back and forth to each other in our letters.  I really liked it when she sent it to me.

Well I love you all and hope you are all doing great!

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