Sunday, April 7, 2013

3rd Week In The Lord's Vineyard

I love you guys so much!  It's great to hear from you all and know what's going on in your lives!  My life is pretty good!  It's been a busy week and a slow one.  Elder Bartlett had a stomach bug on Thursday so we were inside all day and without a tv or games to really play, it gets boring being inside.  We were inside most of Friday to except for dinner because we had a dinner appointment but then we went home afterwards again.  I caught up on some sleep that I didn't really need, but that's basically all I could do!

 In MA, there are four seasons, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Mud.  Haha it's now become mud season and it really is.  There is mud everywhere!  I'm having to walk through mud just to get to the front door of people's houses!  It's crazy!  But the snow has stopped coming and it's now becoming sunny but muddy.  It's great t-shirt weather!

Tomorrow we have to drive all the way out to Boston for a "return and report" meeting.  All the new missionaries have to go back to the mission president and report how were doing so far for being out 3 or 4 weeks now.  So that will be a long drive tomorrow and then we get to come back and have a dinner appointment, so it's really not that bad :)  We're getting a lot of things accomplished in our area.  Really cleaning up the ward directory and finding those less actives and seeing what we can do to help them come back.  We've had a lot of neat lessons that the spirit has been so powerful you just have to follow it's promptings!  We've had a lot of success and expect to continue to see more of it! 

Well there sadly isn't too much to report on this week.  I tried to make a little video to send you guys, but the video is to big to attach... I might try to get on my old gmail account to see if that will work, otherwise I will just send the SD card home soon for you guys to have my pictures.  I love you guys with all of my heart.  Thank you for all the packages and letters and emails and love you guys send me.  I pray for you guys each night and know that the Lord is watching out for you guys so I don't need to worry.  Whenever any of you feel down, just stop, think of me smiling at you (because I truly am so proud of all of you!), and know that you are being blessed for the choices you are making.  Heavenly Father knows all the answers, we just need to ask Him for help and He will come to our aid.  This Church is so true and I thank my Father in Heaven for parents who raised me in this glorious Church.  I can't wait to see you all when I get home, but I have a few things I have to take care of first! ;)

Austin with his mission president and the mission president's wife

Austin in front of the Mission President's house

Austin with some of the other elders at the airport!

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